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There are circles of prayer—men and women, all ages, in unity, focused, concentrated, confident. The Lord speaks to those gathered, confirming direction for action. Their conversation is prayer, the priority of the day—strategic prayers, prophetic prayers. Situations they know about and many they do not. Such is the prayer of the Spirit!

Directed by the Lord, groups everywhere—circles of prayer—are on watch, declaring: 

We stand in prayer, watching the horizon where battles are joined. We exalt the Name of Almighty God and advance His Kingdom. His is an everlasting Kingdom, strengthened by those standing for the righteous cause. We establish boundaries and plant truth. We have strength within and His strength upon us to press against threat and push back advances of violent and ungodly men, and mark cunning, crafty tricksters for exposure. We face the whirlwind coming over the horizon, discerning—whose wind is it, the Lord’s or another? We identify dark forces and block the entrance to our region. We thrust with the Word against terror reports, declaring: No! Not here, not now, not ever. Instead, we affirm . . . Yes! Lord! Here and now. Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory! In circles of prayer we change the horizon today, then again tomorrow, again and again, and again!