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Like all of creation, you were born with a specific design and purpose. 

And your personal relationship with Almighty God can inspire and empower you to accomplish things you never thought possible.

Shirley Weaver, founder of A Clear Trumpet and Shirley Weaver Ministries, wants to take you there.

Welcome to Running With Horses, a podcast devoted to inspiring every individual to expect impossible outcomes, even supernatural interventions. 

Humanly speaking, we are no match for a horse’s strength or speed. But just like in the Bible when Elijah was able to outrun Ahab’s royal chariot, you are here to deliver something of prophetic value to the culture and the world.

Shirley will show you how when life’s pace speeds up, faith kicks in, and you will run ahead of anything believed possible.

Whether days of peace or trouble, you were born for this time.