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We reverence the Lord and align with His authority. We discipline our lives according to His love—doing the right thing, preferring biblical truth, and choosing justice according to His character. We stay on track because we fear (reverence) Him, in which case fear is a good thing! Hold that thought. 

The opposite is demonstrated in Israel’s forty years of wandering. To wander means to pass familiar scenery, again and again, and again. Israel let slip their vital connection with the One whose leading is everything, and as a result, the path through a small geographical area grew into a long, difficult journey. 

For forty years, the Israelites were always close to the land to which they were journeying but far away from their promised place of rest. Like Israel, your answer is right in front of you and may have been there all along. Now you’re back where you started. 

This time align with Him instead of with what others say or with the demands of your flesh. The Lord is at work in your life “to will and do of His good pleasure,” so don’t try to fix God’s image or adjust His power lines. Rather, prefer His Spirit-promptings and prophetically declare:  

Today I stop going in circles. I say to the mountains in my way, move! I renew my mind with the Word. No destructive force will succeed against me. I align with His standard raised over me—only blessing, never curse. I bind and stop deceptive thoughts. The night season cannot torment my mind because my life is covered with the redemptive blood of Jesus. In Jesus’s Name I take the day—evening first, then morning, I take it! 

Amen, so be it!

Joshua 5:6 | Hebrews 4:1-2 | Hebrews 4 | Philippians 2:13, KJV | Verses@Once