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What you are considering is a matter of principle—literally the strength of your values as a person of principle. You are not alone. Instead of isolation, you have companions. Destinies of nations have converged and many of the Lord’s people are being marked.

Ancient trade routes and tearful paths, worn avenues and brilliantly lit ones merge together—intersecting. Matters of principle and what trulymatters are surfacing now. Like a volcano, what comes forth does so violently.
In all this, for you and those with you, the peace of God is a mantle—protected, yes, but also anointed with peace to umpire circumstances and a mindset of peace to make a difference. You will navigate this crossroads with grace.

Large aprons and full skirts are needed—many containers, not a few. Remain with your Kinsman-Redeemer, the one who has taken notice of you. You are right to prioritize the field the Lord has chosen for you. Do not glean in an inferior field. 
Ruth 2