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More often than we’d care to admit we use the strength of our will to remain controller-lord of things we would sincerely say we have submitted to the Him. We love the Lord and wouldn’t purposefully disobey His Word and leading. However, deceptively, sort of under the radar, areas of our lordship loom large! 

We fear worst possible scenarios and struggle to control matters we aren’t completely sure God will handle, especially in critical or life-threatening situations. To change that, learn to release those things to the Lord and receive His peace in return because, in this case, “two heads” will not work very well. 

It has been said that in the last days, before the Lord’s return, the single greatest sign marking the life of believers who are aligned with the Lordship of Jesus Christ is peace (Heb, shalom).  


2 Peter 2:19-22 | Mark 16:17 | Romans 12:21 | 1 John 4:4 | Verses@Once