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Jesus’s ministry was larger than one man. As heaven’s emissary on divine mission, Jesus carried the presence and authority of the Almighty—every step and word generating a solid case for the love of God, on assignment from the Godhead to deliver mankind from evil and bring forth many believers who would do the same. 

His ambassadorship of compassion continues today, shaping the worldview of disciples on assignment with Him, His ministry still larger than one man, and His path still marked with specific incidences of supernatural intervention.
A man infirmed for thirty-eight years encountered Him at Bethesda—a pool near Jerusalem’s Sheep Gate. Jesus initiated the contact, as there was no apparent effort by the man. In brief conversation with Jesus, the afflicted one revealed hope that one day, His situation would change. And it did. That day!
The ambassadorship we carry is patterned identically this way. We are sent to offer what Jesus began, everything from compassion for the broken to firestorms of faith-prayer against roots of brokenness. We are on assignment . . . messengers not only of hope, but also realities of the Kingdom, a way of life for those who believe. 
Wisdom guides us. Joy is our strength. Confidence motivates us, and our paths, like His, flood those we are sent to with and specific incidences of supernatural intervention.

John 5