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We celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Yeshua, remembering the historical Passover when He was crucified and died, was buried but rose again, the first of many brethren to come!

For all those holding the line—for your whole house, a specific person, or relationship—because you remain in faith, you enforce the crescendo of resurrection celebration. 

Those who rejoice in His Presence with expectation experience profound revelation, knowing Him and the power of his Resurrection.

Those blinded in heart, refusing to soften to the reality of resurrection wonder, power, and glory, will always be among us; but there are many who love and acknowledge with awe that miraculous resurrection morning, celebrating resurrection joy with our Father, His Son, and His Holy Spirit.

We celebrate in His glorious presence. The Hebrew word aliyah means “to go up”! Come! Let us go up! 

Hallelujah! He is risen! 


Isaiah 2:3 | Philippians 3:10 | Verses@Once