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The Lord systematically opened and uncovered events and strategies that were meant for harm. He inclined His ear to our prayer and responded. He stretched forth HIS arm and right hand, extending over the earth THE rod of authority.
Hellish strategies did not prevail. Evil, wicked plots are sprawled out and exposed, examples of love’s prayerful watching for men, women, and children in every nation. Every person hears an element of His calling as they see His divine watch care. He will have His desire in an open show of His power—love in action.
Marching orders are given. Governments change their policies; gatherings of people recognize a different Spirit is moving. Nothing is withheld, for the Lord does not withhold. Heaven’s sound grows louder as creation awakes to the Creator’s greatness. Creation is restored and elevated to the greatness He intended then advances to join the uncovering.

Matthew 10:26 | Luke 12:2 | Verses@Once