“For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.” (Gr. gainsay, say against) (Luke 21:15, KJV)

We live not just in the last days but at the end of those, in the last of the last days. From the day of Pentecost and two thousand years since, life consistent with prophecy fulfilled proves our place in time on the end-time clock. This, our generation, is assigned uniquely to live not just in the last days, but at the very end of days—in the last of the last days. 

Created for this time, everyone alive today differs from our parents and grandparents. Traditions of the past yield to the shift in a blur of everything from minute details to an emerging mosaic of the last days, a mental perception of unmanageable change and upheaval. Many feel embattled on every side—all at once. As one challenge ends, another begins. On and on. 

Present in the mix, however, are believers—disciples of Jesus—confidently positioned to influence and bless. Their wisdom words contradict naysayers, gainsayers, and those unfamiliar with God’s majestic moving. In solid contradiction to woe-is-me and all-hope-is-lost, the born-again believer is a bright light, breath of fresh air—their words of divine wisdom elevate possibilities arriving right in the nick of time into the most unlikely places.  

End-time believers. Problem solvers. Truth tellers. For such a time as this.


Luke 21:15, KJV | Esther 4:14 | James 3:17 | Ephesians 1:10  | Verses@Once