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Understand this. The struggle is for control. For who will be the boss? We see struggle and think it’s for power or money, but the struggle at its true center is for control. 

Our lives are like Bible prophecy. Isaiah saw beyond our day, beyond the last of the last days into the thousand-year millennial period when Satan’s struggle to control Jerusalem is resolved. Then men will learn war no more.  

People attempt to control others, thinking that they can, as though there is no consequence. Their boldness to do so continues, seemingly unchallenged over time, even years. Then something or someone unexpected shines light onto the inner struggle taking place for the one being controlled. 

Control, manipulation, accusing, and tormenting others suddenly comes home to roost—like a boomerang, the real tormentor becomes the target. A harvest of all those seeds. 


 Isaiah 2:1-4 | Psalm 51:6 | Verses@Once