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Some of what we think is spiritual isn’t. Natural means and rational thinking are part of your God-given solution but not where you begin. First, trust the Lord with your whole being and intentionally doubt your own understanding. The Lord leads from there until you see as He sees, from above.

The Lord’s view is always above, and His eye concerning you is perfect. Make it your view—from the top, from heaven to earth. You need single-minded faith and a strategic mind that is disciplined to clearly focus, and you need to surround yourself with others who do the same—single-minded, strategic, disciplined.

You’ll also need to be evenly yoked. Core beliefs develop early so be sure those are right. You can believe a lie your whole life without realizing it, while the truth is often right in front of you… discernable but for that overarching, life-altering lie. Belief begets more belief, so core beliefs are critical. Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?

David prayed for truth in the deepest part of his being, in the hidden place of his true identity in God. That’s the right prayer.


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