Today the Lord leads you with heaven’s wisdom—perfectly pure, perfectly true, perfectly just. There is no mixture in what He speaks; His wisdom is pure—not confusing, not mixed up, not a little of this and a little of that. He has a word for you, and His word is clear when He speaks it. 

In the same way that the Lord is present to heal your body, He is present to meet every need of yours; He sets the record straight with daily downloads of truth, unraveling Satan’s distortion of truth. Our part is to conform thoughts and actions to His wisdom—by wisdom, we receive wisdom!  

Allow the Lord’s Spirit to judge the matter. Refuse to continue except that with every step, wisdom produces its full reward of truth—in you. Meditate in God’s Word. It is pure and, therefore, free of mixture. You may not think you have a pure word and perfect perspective but stay in His Presence, pondering His Word and drinking from His Spirit. You will move higher in what you hear.  

God’s wisdom unveils answers hidden in the generations—twisted ways that dominated our “bloodline” since before we were born. His mercy comes to rescue us and strike judgment against the enemy if we will only accept the truth He unveils. Truth delivers our bloodline… for a thousand generations! 

God is in the house. Your time has come. 


James 3:17 |  Luke 5:17 | 1 Corinthians 1:30, AMP | Verses@Once