“O Timothy, guard and keep safe the deposit [of godly truth] entrusted to you, turn away from worldly and godless chatter [with its profane, empty words], and the contradictions of what is falsely called “knowledge”— which some have professed and by doing so have erred (missed the mark) and strayed from the faith. Grace be with you.” (1 Timothy 6:21-21, AMP)

Within a nation’s cultural norm, God speaks His own biblical forecast—that the mindset of the end-time believer rises in contradiction and in judgment of turmoil and madness. The born-again Christian chooses God’s Word and is established—graced, joyful, unshaken. 

Disciples of Jesus have a mandate and undeniable blueprint for peace. They are the opposite of confusion. Their Godly presence frustrates the bully, answers with grace the accuser, and with their intercessions, oversees vindication to silence bully and accuser both.  

The believer refuses the temptation to disbelieve. Choosing instead to meditate on paths of peace, receiving instead grace for grace. The plan of the Almighty God is to AIM them, send them. His representatives, demonstrations. On earth as it is in heaven—literally, the will of God.


1 Timothy 6:20-21, AMP