Globally there is great shaking. Loss of confidence, fear of what is ahead, and relational distrust are disrupting the flow of unity and consistent faith. Though a global matter it is never distant from us; rather, we are part of the shaking, and, I believe, we are called to stand despite the confusion all around.

This is a difficult time. Many of you are in unpleasant situations both in a natural and a spiritual sense. Outwardly you are following the Lord in every way you know, while inwardly realizing a pitch battle is underway. Your family is affected, being tossed up and over, again and again. Complicated issues have surfaced involving those who are spiritually and otherwise immature, ignorant, selfish and self-centered. There are also agents of hurt who know exactly what they are doing; evil spirits are involved at the heart and intellect of the matter.

Concerning the latter, I have learned that some people are not teachable, cannot be corrected and listen to no one. Hence their lives become as the javelin thrown by King Saul to destroy the life of another, including the future of many and everything else that life represents. Scripture explains we are hurt most by those in the natural and spiritual family, those of our own house and friends with whom we shared spiritually at some point. Bottom line, our sadness today is caused by those for whom we have done the most, really—by those we never expected to attack us.

Again, understand that what you are experiencing is global. Confusion is Babylon, the world system. The world setting is a colossal battle in the broadest sense. Without emphasizing the symbolic, realize the storm behind you has moved; the storm of pressures intimidating your pursuit of the Kingdom has moved from behind you to confront you, in your face to humiliate and weaken you in the very role where you should be most honored! The storm’s design is to effectively close in around you on every side to break your body and overwhelm with heartache, to sadden and oppress you.

The deliverance God has for you is not one that restores you to normalcy, or what was normal at some point. The deliverance the Lord has for you is away from normalcy. He is taking you up! The Hebrew word Aliyah means to “go up.” In our vernacular, we could say rapture. The Church—we are the Church—recognizes time for the launch is near. Knowing this, the sense I have for you personally is moving forward, your pace steady though harder to measure in the midst of all that is happening. You are more focused now and very much humbled and aware the battle is a spiritual one. Yes, more focused now.

I have a word, considering we have been called to stand, and command this vast storm: Keep going. Do not look back.

You may never know all the details; you may never understand. If there ever was a time to forgive, now is that time. Everything hinges here; you carry the Kingdom. Do not even consider any strategy other than to move forward as much as possible today, and when you awake in the morning begin again to do the same. Forgive everything and everyone and do not carry their sin or your offense for even one step. Defiled and unteachable people are in your family and groups, your community and nation. Do not take on their defilement by receiving their offense.

Realize that you have moved to another place with a completely new start. You can tell by how unfamiliar everything seems. You are being broken off from some people, being joined to others. You must not carry the old bodies with you. What was normal yesterday is bizarre today.

But the Lord is with you. You will see the covenant door of the Lord open! I fully expect the Lord to deliver—fully! He has already begun to deliver you though you are surrounded by the familiar and not used to the new feel of things yet. You will realize that His IS the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory—forever! I promise you these matters have changed and are conforming to the Lord’s provision for you already! What was hidden from view, in the heart of the accuser is now in the open where Light has an upper hand. Settle it. The Lord is for you. He loves every person involved. He has a plan for you and one for every enemy. He will handle it.