Some religions hold philosophical views of goodness and what it means to be good—on some level, for some cause, for personal or group benefit, or for the whole global community. Theirs is the human principle of goodness—basically being good for goodness sake—and includes universal virtues like pity for the less fortunate or personal self-denial.

Christianity teaches another perspective. For Christians, all goodness is from God—He is good and extends His goodness to all, and those who know Him as Lord demonstrate His goodness. For Christians, goodness is part of God’s unconditional love. His love is kind and good. His goodness produces spiritual fruits of goodness in our lives, practically and spiritually.    

The Lord’s redemption did not come because men are good but rather because He is good. He doesn’t dictate that we be good for anyone’s sake. Goodness for the believer means the Lord is at work in our lives, and good works that result are not for goodness alone but are natural expressions of lives responding to His lead.

The Lord, He is good! 


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