In the marketplace, we find those who specialize, perfecting skills through personal discipline and commitment to excellence. For them, treachery is defined when just as years of hard work have begun to pay off, their efforts are undermined or motives misrepresented, when the sale is stolen or the deal does not go through, and their personal integrity may be all they have left to represent them going forward.  

In such times the Lord sends His challenge into the heart of these achievers—an offer of divine strength to carry them through. The Lord comes to them, He stands with them so their integrity is not just a valued commodity and far-reaching influencer, but also a predictor of what will follow. This test will not sideline them.  

For them and for you, when the opposition’s treachery breaks years of solid building and investment, the Lord steps in as a shield to surround you. You need a Savior, and He becomes your salvation. 

Set the Lord before you. 

Amen, it’s true.

Psalm 3:1-4 | Psalm 18:16-19 | Psalm 16:8 | Psalm 118:15-16  | Verses@Once